What if a single wealth management platform could save you time?

While providing a deeper, more engaging experience for your clients?

The Beatles said it best: “All together now”

Wave goodbye to multiple platforms. Welcome one tool that does it all.

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Meet BlackLogix

A single sign-on central hub where you can view client accounts, holdings, allocations, balances, performance, exposures, risk profile accounts, and probability of success—all on one simple dashboard.

A Client’s Full Financial Picture on One Screen

BlackLogix brings together the technology advisors need and couples it with quick implementation time. The result: stronger relationships and greater ROI.

Industry-leading tools unify on one platform in a clear, understandable display:


Leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management solutions

Envestnet MoneyGuide

Industry-leading financial planning software


Leading Cloud-Based Advisory Billing Software

Totum Risk

Leading provider in risk profiling


Leading visual communication solution shows an easy-to-understand 3D portfolio view

What Are People Saying About BlackLogix?

“I have a number of advisors and they all use different reporting tools: Blueleaf, BlackLogix, Orion, Tamarac, amongst others. I personally have found BlackLogix to be the most informative as a customer - easy to understand and quickest to deep dive into the data. I frankly wish the whole group would just switch to BlackLogix.”
Shawne K.
“In addition to making HCM funds easy to access and allocate for our advisors and their clients, BlackLogix offers a single login saving time while providing a clear, integrated dashboard that’s both engaging and informative.”
Will Stark
Managing Director, Private Wealth Services
Howard Capital Management

Intuitive Navigation


At a glance information for client conversations.


Find and manage models from top investment management firms to help you meet your clients’ needs


Analyze, visualize, and report on your client’s data in multiple views


Client information, documents, billing, and invoicing all in one convenient dropdown


Customizable, at-a-glance review of clients, accounts, and benchmarks


Billing administration and management all in one place

Robust Model Marketplace

Seamlessly integrates with BlackRock and Howard Capital Management
Allows you to tailor strategies using your own model or use models from BlackRock and HCM
Monitor, review, and adjust portfolios with models and Wealth Alert triggers to track account drift

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BlackLogix clients are serviced by one dedicated client service team who will facilitate communication and minimize the number of vendors advisors needed to work with.
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